Exhibitor  Profile

Aviation / Space / Defense Industry
Cargo containers, Wings, Propellers, Control panels, Radar covers, Window frames, Toilet units, Seating elements, Antennas, Gliders, Aircraft and helicopter fuselage, Heat shields, Rocket engine panels

Household Appliances and Work Equipment (Manufacturing Industry)
Refrigerators, Freezers, Microwave ovens, Small household appliances, Motor-operated tools, Ovens, Sewing machine parts. Calculators, Computers, Photocopiers, Table lamps, Mesh trays, Lampshades, Storage tanks and garbage containers, Furniture and accessories (armchairs, beds, cabinets), Safety helmets, Palettes, Profiles, Electric/electronic device bodies and lids, Kitchen countertops

Building Industry
Sanitary materials (bathtubs, shower trays, sinks, bathroom and kitchen countertops, etc.), Rainwater transportation systems (gutters, downspouts, chimney flashing, etc.), Swimming pools, Cooling tower components, Concrete forms , Greenhouse panels, Foundation piles, Internal and external curtain wall panels, Prefabricated buildings, Modular cabins, Roofing and siding panels ,Supporting panels, Bridge platform and abutments, Highway guardrails and signposts, Pipes, Decorative elements, Insulation works for roofs, terraces, mosques, etc.

Consumer Goods and Sports / Entertainment Sector

Swimming pools, Swimming pool accessories and equipment, Fountain pools, Water slides, Fishing rods, Skis, Snowboards, Golf clubs, Tennis rackets, Helmets, Snowmobiles, Bowling tools, Bicycles, Exercise, Equipment, Caravans, Bleacher seating elements, Amusement park equipment

Corrosion - Resistant Products 
Pipes and connectors, Industrial tanks, Silos, Pump housing, Canals, Fan blades (Propellers), Containers, Treatment facilities, Grating, Chemical process tanks, Water and waste pipes, Flue cleaning devices

Electrics & Electronics Sector
Insulators, Antennas, Printed circuit boards, Circuit breakers
Fuse/Panel boxes, Lighting bodies, Insulating platforms, Electric and lighting posts, Electric post bases, Circuit breaker boxes ,Wind generators, Cable carriers, Cable conduits, Natural gas boxes, Street lamp bodies, Meter panels, Escalators ,Ballast, Cutout boxes ,Projectors

Marine Sector
Sailing and motor boats, Lifeboats ,Engine covers, Buoys, Life buoys, Canoes, Water skis, Pontoons/piers, Surfboards, Jet skis, Rafts

Transportation and Automotive Industry
Road signs, Bumpers and fenders, Body parts, Refrigerated truck bodies, Springs, Shafts, Pickup cabins, Wind deflectors, Trailer body panels, Vehicle doors and body panels, Tractor parts, Motorcycle parts, Suburban train wagon seats and handles, Brake and clutch lining

Military Applications
Helmets, Ballistic protective panels, Containers, Vehicle parts, Engineering materials, Weapon and rocket parts, Mine hunting vessels, Coast guard boats, Gliders, Landing crafts, Helicopter cowls, Propellers, Shelters

Agriculture / Food Industry
Silos, Irrigation pipes, Feed plant equipment, Food storage tanks, Pickle tanks, Fish farms, Farming equipment, Containers, Pulverizers